So, in our last blog we talked a lot about flash sales and this time we wanted to have a bit of an explore into how to run them on a small scale. If you are running a small retail fashion business and looking for some different ways to market yourself or put on a sale then it might be a good idea to think about running a flash sale style model through social media.

Firstly, Instagram can be a great tool to employ. This is primarily a social media platform to share photos and videos on, however it can just as easily be used to market your business. The bonus of using something like Instagram is that it is free! It’s also something that can open up a wide, new audience for you. Great for brand boosting, it’s also just as handy for generating sales. Flash sales in particular have been known to work particularly well. Once you have built up a following for your business, what could be easier then popping up some products for sale amongst your vid/photo posts. Social media is image dominated these days, and it has been proven over and over again that the public like the novelty and excitement of auction or flash style sales. Perfect!

How to do it:

Set up some short sales. Limited times to buy are more likely to get your customers clicking. Mix it up, advertise about a sale you are going to put up, or have some that start randomly. A good trick is to give your followers a warning that you will start a flash sale soon, but don’t say exactly when. That way they will keep coming back to check up on you. Use a hashtag to make it easier to find and to have your followers come back for more. This can be a really simple process, ask followers to comment on your post, the first to comment wins the sale. Receive payment, ship item. Easy!

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing apps today. It offers users the chance to send each other messages, images or videos that will self-destruct after a few seconds. Sounds strange, but the craze has caught on and there are ways that snapchat can be turned into a marketing tool for your business. The premise of the app lets its users feel like they are receiving something special, something limited. If you are holding a flash sale from your website, you could snapchat codes or your instagram sale link to your customers to let them know about it. Have a quick sale advertised by a quick message. Clever! The only downside is that you need to turn your customers into snapchat contacts. Once you’ve done that, your set.

Getting the word out about your flash sale? Got a good Twitter following? Tweet tweet tweet and get the world out. Again remember to talk about an upcoming sale, but keep your followers in suspense.

Social media and marketing go hand in glove. It’s the perfect, free tool for really getting your business out there, especially if you are a small business that doesn’t have a huge marketing budget, and it’s perfect for image based fashion.  It’s something that many wholesale clothing companies, as well as retail clothing are using rather successfully. Oh, and it’s fun too! The perfect excuse to spend all that time online.