As part of our 'new arrivals' collection recently we've had some gorgeous new military style jackets. So good, we've just got to rave about them. It's also a good opportunity to have a look at the military style for jackets in general, and how and when it's best to stock them.

The when is pretty simple. Now! Nothing this good hangs around in our wholesale clothing stock for long, but also as we're coming into Autumn it's the perfect time for light stylish jackets. Topping up your AW stock? Or perhaps this is going to fit in really well as a transitional garment for Spring, remember it is that time to be thinking ahead to SS15.

The best thing about military style jackets, in terms of stock is their vast versatility. The structured look suits the most variety of shapes, and as well as being a garment that transitions well season to season, it's also the perfect day to evening transitional jacket. Military style just looks great, whether it's low key over jeans or dressed up with evening attire.

Picking your stock? What the military jacket gives off most is functionality, so have that in mind when you are choosing.

Cut and Colour:

Go for clean cuts and neutral colours. These garments work best when they are in the colours they were originally produced in, dark blues, olive, sand, grey. Keeping within these tones keeps you versatile, especially important for a jacket which needs to look good on all kinds of different outfits. If you want to include some statement colours within your stock, then deep red gives you the best of both worlds, a colour that will give you more impact as well as being accessible. As for shape, the key to stocking well with items such as coats and jackets is to find the shapes that are going to suit as many different body types as possible. Of course anything with a hem between knee and thigh is going to be flattering on pretty much any type, and the perfect thing about military coats is that in the longer styles, that is where they will naturally fall.

When stocking military styles in men's wear, try to find styles that will can be paired with both jeans and slacks.

Because of it's range, the military style can be fairly confidently described as a fashion not going anywhere anytime soon. Which is good from the retailer's and wholesale clothing retailer's point of view. But where did it come from? There are a few quite distinct styles that all fall under military, the more common include pea coats, bombers, and majorettes. The pea coat is traditionally heavy wool, originally worn by sailors. They are distinguished by broad lapels, often large buttons on double breasted fronts. From the 1720s these have remained a popular item and could be considered a design classic.

The bomber was made popular by fighter pilots in WWI who needed the snug fit around neck, waist and wrists to keep warm in their exposed planes. Also known as fight jackets their influence can be seen throughout the decades and they remain a popular menswear item. Although in the past few seasons bombers as womenswear have been coming more and more into style prominence. Then there is the majorette. This style takes it's influence from the military dress style, and military band uniforms. Fitted, cropped and often with embellishments such as brass buttons and piping. Michael Jackson and the stylings of Adam and the Ants brought this look on as a mainstream trend.

The more structured and somewhat severe look of military style will be a fashion stable throughout the coming seasons. Whether you go long and elegant, or for the boxy trending bomber, this is bound to be a solid part of your stock.