How London Fashion Week has gone digital and why you should too.

Aside from the fashion, the runways, the celebrity appearances, London Fashion Week has become an event as much about ideas as about the fashion itself. One theme in particular seemed to take centre stage this week, the headlong crash and meld of fashion and technology. If there is one place in the world right now that is at the forefront of fashion tech, it is London. The new Apple watch's release has been announced to conveniently coincide with the fashion weeks around the world, and the fusion of style and tech is the talk of the town. We look at how the top brands are doing it, and what it can mean for the smaller fashion retailer of clothing wholesaler here in the UK. 


How fashion weeks are teching up.

No longer the exclusive events of yesteryear, London Fashion Week is as much about the public as the industry, beaming out live shows since 2010. An army of internet bloggers descend, social media sites are as big a presence as any front row celebrity guest, there's no denying we are in the digital age. 


Burberry are already leaps and bounds ahead of the game in using technology and social media to highlight their brand. At LFW they are debuting their new Twitter buy button, so that audience members at the show could get shopping straight from their Twitter feed. 


And whilst Burberry are Tweeting, Topshop are getting up close and personal with Instragram. Their Topshop Unique show's live feed will include live footage with images from five top instragramers. This isn't the first time they've been using the social media giant, as the last fashion week saw tens of thousands of images storm the site. 


If you needed any more evidence that LFW is undertaking a digital revolution, Peter Fitzgerald, the UK sales director of Google gave the fashion week's welcoming speech. He revealed the pre-LFW 'digital bootcamps' his team had explored with London designers, each challenged to do one digital thing they had never done before. 


Tech for the smaller seller

The beauty of using social media for your business, from small high street retail to wholesale clothing is that it is free. However you engage with it, the options are fairly simple and easy to use whilst opening up your business to a whole new world. One thing that becomes obvious when you look at how the big brands and designers are using social media is that they are using it with creativity. Find a way of engaging with social media that is perhaps a little out of the ordinary. 


LFW is only going to be the start of the integrating of two very different industries. The way that social media has been used throughout the week is only going to be felt and echoed around the world. Now's the time to jump on the digital wagon.