London Men's Fashion Week


For the first time, this year London had it's own men's fashion week. Three days devoted entirely to l'homme. It seems surprising that this is London's very first go around the exclusively male runway, but then things are getting shaken up in the fashion world, men's clothing is becoming a bigger and more lucrative industry. So, sure, they need their own fashion week. And what a week, or rather three days it was. Over 130 designers and brands strutting their stuff is a lot of fashion to contend with, but some key styles and trends really stood out. Most noticeably lacking, the dominance of the suit, with many designers turning casual on us, and not a tie in sight. Even Jimmy Choo kept the usual suits at bay and many designers used cool and light separates on the runways. The decades seeming to have most influence this year were the 70s and 90s, bootcuts are coming back, and the odd flash of a lurid stripe could be seen. Overall the runways were feeling global, with plenty of far reaching influences, prayer beads, ethnic designs, hippy jewellery. And everywhere you look, Japan is the new hip word, with several big name designers going east.

But, what does that all mean for you? Thinking about your 2015 summer season now, and wanting to make sure you are right on trend? We've teamed up the best looks from the London shows with our hottest styles now so you don't have to.


Full Colour

Spring collections are always more likely to be colourful, but the trend throughout the week has been a little sunnier then usual. Big, bright, bold.


YMC, London Fashion Week. 

Keep your colours bold and clear, strong primary tones are a good starting point. Don't get muddy next summer.


Keeping it casual

Suits in short supply across the board of fashion week and all emphasis on light, easy cuts. Here is Jimmy Choo in the summer time. If you're going for the tailored look keep summer shirts how they should be, light and cool. Longer styled shorts and cargoes are the next hot look.



Back to Bootcut and Straights

Upcoming trouser styles are going to be taking their cue from the 90s garage look. Skinny legs are opening up to straights and bootcuts. Topman shows how it's done, with some britpop stylings.


That's just for starters, we're busy getting our lines in line with the very first men's fashion week styles for the upcoming seasons. So keep checking our New Arrivals, and we'll keep you updated.