Summer is just around the corner, and as the days finally start to feel a bit warmer you may be thinking that it is time to finally sort out that perfect summer wardrobe. But how can you know the perfect summer wardrobe before finding the perfect summer style? Let’s see what you can wear to make heads turn in all the right ways this season.


Denim is often a safe choice when you are not sure what else to wear, but in 2015’s summer season it is finally coming back into the forefront. Denim jeans, dresses, shorts, jackets and accessories are all valid options for almost any situation. Feel free to mix and match denims this season too and don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades and washes to get the right feel for you. Try distressed denim to add a variety of textures and to give an edge to your style.


Suede and the 70s

Forty years on and the 70s have returned. Jumpsuits and suede skirts are the talk of the season this time around, with both featuring on the catwalk of London Fashion Week at the end of last year. In terms of suede skirts, long is in, short is out, with a slit at the front for the maximum seventies vibe. Have a browse through our selection of skirts to see what's available in this trend. Chalky coloured dresses and coats are another way to go with suede- perfect for those summer days that don’t quite live up to the expectation of what are supposed to be the hottest months of the year.

If you’re feeling chic or want to look a little classier then you might consider investing in a jumpsuit. With an immediate ‘uniform’ flavour, the jumpsuit could be the perfect thing to wear to work on those hot summer days. Try a high belt to complete the look. Not only that, but some jumpsuit designs edge closer to the social and are more than suitable for an evening gathering or stroll in the sun. Check out here for a small selection.



This next item may be a blessing to those of us with a… varied wardrobe. Wearing clothes that are deliberately mixed and matched is a style that is rapidly becoming more popular in many areas of the fashion scene. A variety of shades of the same or complementing colours in different patterns is the way to go here, or a strong, standout colour if you are wearing black and white. If you are particularly skilled in textiles you might want to put this skill to use and physically combine two items of clothing, but for the rest of us just wearing them is enough. Some inoffensive footwear is normally the best way to complete the look. We recommend sandals as a starting point.



As a bit of a contrast to our last category, monochrome is perhaps a safer option. Deep black combined with bright white is the choice of the big London designers, and it is an easy style to imitate. After all, who doesn’t have something black or white? There is always the option to build a new outfit based around the black and white contrast of course. It’s not as if there is any shortage of available clothes that are black or white!


That should hopefully be enough of our picks for the hottest summer trends to get you on the right track. And don’t be afraid to try something new! The summer is the best time to show off a new style, so make the most of it!