The looks coming out off the catwalks for this year's Autumn and Winter seasons were exciting to say the least. In fact, let's not say the least, let's say the most exciting! The D&G fairytale and the oh so swinging look of the 60's, bright and bold and the decade of choice for the upcoming seasons. But, we are loving most of all the sublime and ready to wear collection from Burberry, 'The Bloomsbury Girls'.


Inspired by the Bloomsbury set, their catwalk was awash with an elegant, flowing feminine and artistic style. They'd already visited this theme with their men's collection which took influence from the St. Ives painters scene, and are continuing it into their womenswear with more than a nod to Virginia Woolf.

The main source is the epicentre of the Bloomsbury set, Charleston, the home of artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. In this creative house everything was painted, the walls, the doors, even the fireplaces with vivid and colourful images. Christopher Bailey of Burberry has taken this idea and used it to create the amazing dresses that featured heavily in the show. The delicately printed designs are handpainted, giving a stunning aspect to this look. Long, flowing romantic dresses, draped in scarves, with a vintage 40's length. Think loose and flowing, think the return of true bohemian style.

Also, not to be missed was the superb bag collection. All handpainted as well, all exquisite.


How to get the Bloomsbury look.

Elegant and feminine dresses are the main theme or this style, go for midi-length and go for prints, staying within the romantic feel that Burberry has done so well. Obviously you don't have to go to the expense of hand-painted, but there's plenty of options for something similar.

Then layer it up with some light, floaty looking scarves, worn long and accessorised with a belt. This is the most distinctive of the Burberry looks and definitely the one to watch out for.

For another layer, invest in a blanket jacket. That way you are keeping with the boho look and up to date, whilst making sure you have the most comfortable, versatile jacket you'll ever own. I love that they are in style now! I promise you will never regret that purchase.


Stocking up?

Invest in light weight scarves, go printed not plain and mix and match so that everyone can assemble their Bloomsbury look according to their own tastes. Floral and printed floaty numbers are the style of the season, with both Burberry and D&G using these style of dresses in their collections. The aim of this collection was to go for a softer look, so keep that in mind when choosing colours and textures.


Boho is back with a vengence, but this time it's got a refined elegant twist. This is Burberry doing what it does best and obviously loving working with one of their favourite influences.