eBay is one of the world's biggest marketplaces, on and off the web. It is a vital tool in the business of many retailers, from all different sectors, including large wholesale sellers. So, did you know...

• It's been up and running since 1995 and currently has more than 90 million active users around the world.

• Right now, as you read this there are around 100 million listings worldwide, 6.4 of which are added each day over 50, 000 categories.

• eBay is by no means just for the casual auctioneer, over a million users around the world count eBay as their main or secondary form of income.

• In the UK eBay kicked off in 1999 and has become our biggest online shopping tool.

If you think eBay is mainly second-hand goods think again, over 180,000 registered businesses use it, as well as many well known brands. eBay sells just about everything, if you can think of it, you can probably eBay it. So what's the stats on the fashion and wholesale clothing end?

In the UK over 4 million users regularly search for clothing, shoes and accessories. While a car might sell every 2 minutes and an MP3 player every 1 minute, the

clothing stats are among the most impressive. A piece of men's clothing every 9 seconds, an item of women's clothing every 5 seconds, and, wait for it, a handbag every 3 seconds!

These kind of figures simply can't be ignored, in a market place that requires constant diversification in order to survive, more and more businesses are branching out and making eBay a significant part of how they sell.

On top of that it's a fast and cheap way to sell, you can set up straight away with no fees, or you can develop your own eBay shop. When it comes to selling, here are a few handy pointers to think about.


1. eBay sellers are highly dependent on good feedback. In no other buying situation can you see so clearly or quickly what other customers think of the service. Don't ignore this! Getting good reviews is absolutely vital, and adding the personal touch may help here. Get in touch with your customers and ask them directly for some feedback, let them know they're dealing with a human (easy to forget in digital land).

2. Presentation. It might be online, but excellent, tidy presentation is just as essential here as it is on the high street. Good photos mean good sales whatever you're selling from vintage to wholesale clothing. How can you expect someone to buy blind or with blurry vision.

3. Be transparent. Be honest. Be unfailingly helpful. Buyers are far more likely to leave good feedback if they feel you've taken the time to communicate well with them. People can still be uneasy buying online so do everything you can to put their mind at ease, above all be as honest as you can about your product. If you aren't, all your future customers are going to hear about it.

4. Go to your customers. Keep an eye on the kinds of keywords you should be using for your products, set up alerts on platforms such as Google Alerts and actively seek out your target market.

5. If you are selling items that are quite similar to other sellers then try branching out. Don't just sell through eBay, set up on Amazon etc.

6. And finally, there are lots of sales to be made online, but also just as much competition. What can make you stand out from the crowd? Is it better postage and packaging options? More detailed information on your product? A friendlier more human approach? Standout photos or even videos?

The world of digital marketing and selling is an exciting one. The more you explore, the more you will find, but hopefully we have given you a few helpful hints to start with. Q Clothing Wholesale can also be a great resource for the online seller. You will find all our products are professionally photographed with several contrasting images, and best of all, they are totally free for our customers to use. Nothing could make eBay selling simpler or faster. Take them, save them, use them, and watch your eBay sales soar.