A lot of people will tell you that the best way to buy clothes is by visiting a physical shop. To some extent this is true; a physical clothes store lets you pick up and feel the fabric of what you are thinking of buying, not to mention being able to try it on to see if it fits. They have counter returns services for convenience and staff available to direct you to whatever you are looking for. So why would you use anything else?

This, then, is a defence of online wholesale clothing. 

Let us start with the most obvious claim against using an online shop when purchasing clothing; being able to physically hold and examine what you are considering buying. Now, we can freely admit that there is no real way to compare viewing something digitally with having the actual item in front of you, but there are definitely some ways an online shop can compete. Consider product descriptions for example. A good online retailer can give you a detailed and accurate description of the product on offer, so much so that there is no way you can mistake what you are going to receive. This combined with the pictures available on each listing means it is unlikely that you can go too far wrong by buying online. 

Following on from this, the main advantage of buying online wholesale clothing is that you do not have to visit an actual physical shop. This has the obvious benefit of not forcing you to go out in the rain, or waste a sunny day inside a crowded high street shop, but there are other advantages too. Buying online is generally quicker than browsing a shop. You have an always-available search bar to instantly take you to wherever you want to go and to whatever you want to buy. It’s a lot more convenient than searching out a member of staff who may not necessarily know where what you are searching for is, especially when buying in bulk. Not to mention that every product is displayed by category, all varieties visible from the offset, with nothing hidden behind a rail or dropped to the floor. 

There is no doubt that an online shop has much more variety than a traditional one. There is a limit to the space that a concrete shop has to display their products, and they are forced to keep stock back where nobody can see it. This is especially true with wholesale clothing, as no matter the size of their warehouse there is still a limit on how much can be showed at once. An online wholesale clothing shop, on the other hand, has unlimited space to show what they have available through individual categories, the home page or any other sections on the website. The only limit is digital memory, and even that can be extended.

Some of you may be thinking ‘I don’t want to buy online- I have to pay shipping!’ and, yes, you are right. But shipping costs are often a very convenient option compared to having to carry everything yourself. They are also very affordable, especially when you are buying many items. To make it easier to digest, try considering it the cost of transport that you would have spent by travelling yourself. The same works with returns! Here at Qclothing we offer free shipping for orders in the UK over £150- a very small amount considering the amount of clothing you will receive for that amount. We also offer very reasonable shipping rates to regions in Europe.

That is just a few reasons to use an online wholesale clothing shop. We hope that next time you are thinking of heading to the high street you consider giving it a try. After all, it is not as if you would need to travel far!