Well we're still basking in mid-summer rays, but it's always an idea to have one eye on the fashion horizon, especially if you are stocking and selling. Autumn is just round the corner, and while that might put a frown on your face, the thought of the styles to come aught to cheer you up. Everyone knows it's much more fun creating outfits for the cooler months. So what do you need to be looking out for? I've got to say, it's exciting. First up, most seasons will take their cues from a particular decade's fashion tastes. And this Autumn and Winter it is...

THE SIXTIES! The styles are swinging, think mods, not rockers, think mini dresses in bold designs, think shiny leather boots, think A-line, think the classic circle print, think a whole season of fun.

What to buy: go novelty print crazy. Colours and designs that shout out! Go A-line.

And also, wait for it NORMCORE, I know, I know. High fashion is slumming it. This term is going to be overused all season long, to describe models wearing what you'd just throw on to go grab a pint of milk, but it's all over the catwalks and it's going to be a big influence.

What to buy: the emphasis is going to be on high-quality simple designs, so go for classic cuts, with a quality over quantity feel. Soft wool jumpers and the tailored look.


Fashion is going to be like a FAIRY-TALE in the upcoming seasons. Top designers are taking their inspiration from the Brothers Grimm. This is a trend to really get excited about. It's a chance to indulge more dramatic tastes, with flowing beautiful prints and cuts that speak of a bygone time.  Red riding hood style coats, embellished details, dark, sensual reds. This autumn and winter is going to see a romanticised take on fashion.

What to buy: Huge fur hoods, and go for the over-embellished. Dark, rich colours with a gothic edge.


The BLOOMSBURY SET have become the inspiration for the latest from Burberry. Drawing from the looks of the London Bohemians of the 20's this trend is about flowing and classical shapes. Soft, melting scarves over flowing dresses are going to be a trend to watch out for.

What to buy: Scarves, scarves, scarves! Classic, soft watercolour prints. Anything with a whistful boho air.


Colour of the season: BLUE

Coat of the season: A STATEMENT COAT, over-sized faux fur, and don't just stay with classic colours, look for the eye-catching. We'll see a lot of blanket coats about and go for any and all designs of shearling.

Print of the season: BIRDS! Wear it how you like, but get some bird graphics or animal prints all over you in the uncoming seasons.